The Blue Lion guides adopt an intuitive ergonomics that does not interfere with the when reading and listening to the audio. You can easily browse, enlarge the pictures, access to practical information and plans instinctively, by clicking on the various icons or links.

Regarding the guides you downloaded:

- Each of the guides includes one or more "tours".

- You can view an itinerary at your convenience, through the index or the map. Detailed instructions are also supplied to guide you from one stage to the next.

- When you are reading or listening to the text related to a specific stage, you can proceed to the next step or return to the previous by pressing the arrows in the menu bar, displayed at the top of your screen. You can also drag your finger on the screen to the right or the left (fonctionality not yet available on Android smartphones or tablets).

- Each chapter is presented in the form of an illustrated text in which are inserted hyperlinks. Easily recognizable by their blue color, they take you to the Wikipedia pages, allowing you to explore certain topics.

- Finally, the stage descriptions are also available in audio version. To access them, simply click on the "audio" icon located on the main image of the chapter or in other visible areas. We strongly recommend using headphones to listen to the audio in public places or museums.

You will find below a list of the main symbols used in our guides: